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Camera Shy Boxer Cooperates for one Pose!

Our boxer, Molly, takes off as soon as she sees, hears, or even smells a camera in her immediate environment. We are all set up to take photographs of us with our Grandson. Our daughter was behind the camera. Suddenly Molly came and sat down right down in front as proud as could be. Julie snapped one shot and she was GONE. No, she had done her part and that was it. We are tickled with how well this one shot turned out.

Peterson has just turned one year old and we so tickled to have him visit us
for this happy occasion while his Daddy studies for the California Bar Exam.
Don’t be surprised if you see this in our Christmas announcements.

Scroll down the Blog page to see other photographs of this young man in his blue
linen birthday outfit. Grandpa says you better put him those kind of clothes now
because he won’t wear that “stuff” for long. We really like this little golfing
sweater vest! He is quite a “talker” as he turns one. Everyday he’s working on
new sounds, babbling in sounds like an almost sentence, and two syllables sounds that are almost on the target like dawg-gee. He’s also asserting his independence in what he eats now. Our baby has become a little toddler!

Our Grandson is here for his 1st Birthday!

Yes, our daughter is visiting Georgia with our sweet little grandson who turned one year old yesterday. We have had a grand time with him. We welcome his sweet smile after naps and when he wakes up in the mornings. We love hearing him call the dogs–“da- ge.” He is babbling away. Of course it is a blast to shop for the little tyke and I know they did not make clothes this cute for boys when my now 25 year old son turned 1 year old! We were delighted to find this linen outfit he’s wearing at an awesome sale at Baby Banks in Augusta. Enjoy the slides. They’re spinning a little fast, but hey, when you have a 1 year old around you have to move fast!

By-the-way, the parents graduated from the University of Utah, but many family members attended BYU, so when the slide show maker offered a BYU theme, but not
UofU, I went ahead and put on here. I hope his parents don’t shoot me!!!!

Our website: Geitgey.com is updated

Today our webmaster and son, Adam Geitgey, updated our website www.geitgey.com to include a link to this blog by clicking on new button named “Info.” Eventually when you click the information button on the home page it will take you to a page with several links to choose from, but this was a great start today to have the blog directly linked to the home page. The image here is the home page before the changes were made.

Columbia South Carolina LDS Temple-Spring 2007

Warren went to Columbia before sunrise one Saturday in April to capture early morning images of the LDS Temple. The beautiful lighting on the temple is further enhanced with soft light oils. I’m ordering 5×7 cards of this image today. We have also ordered a 24×20 Gallery Wrap on Canvas for his office. We looking forward to seeing
our FedEx and UPS delivery people soon.

We will be making these cards available for purchase.

Update: The flat 5×7 cards are now available to order online at RememberToday.etsy.com. Of course you can e-mail me directly to order as well. I’m going to add 8×10, 11×14 and 16×20 size prints and a canvas gallery wrap options as well.

Alone in the Pasture

Thursday I took some shots of a horse and horses in a pasture. I’m posting the original photograph and a watercolor impression print I made from it. These are. small file sizes for the blog, of course, so the load quickly. This photograph print could be reproduced to at least 24 x 20 inches. I added a poster like mat in green around it. The watercolor rendering is sized to about 15×17 inches and then has the matting added around it. You can click on the images to enlarge them a little bit but not to their true size. As always Blog photographs are copyrighted. Enjoy! Comments welcome. RuthEllen

Original Photograph:

The Watercolor Poster Print is to your left.

Geitgey’s Attend SEPPA Conference in Atlanta

A week ago we attended the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association Bi-annual conference for four and one-half days. We heard world known speakers in photography and PhotoShop, Painter,and collegues from the South specializing in different facets of portraiture. We shopped the trade show, and came home really excited to get back to work building our Portrait Business. We’ve added SnapTotes to our line of products. Great well made purses, totes, and diaper bags, etc., which are personalized with your portraits. We brought home frams, and many samples of products from professional labs.

I am trying to decide what photographs to place on my two SnapTote sample bags I purchased a diaper bag that will feature grandson Peterson and cosmetic bag/clutch. We also need to decide what to order as Gallery Wraps and/or Canvas prints.

Here is a sample of the Classic Bag image from SnapTotes: This sells for $90.00 You can visit the site at http://www.snaptotes.com

to see the full line we will representing.

Our prized possession is an autographed copy of a book by Louise and Joseph Simone of Quebec, Canada, world reknown portrait photographers. The book contains full color plates of their stunning artistic portraits. It is such an inspiration to leaf through. Anyone visiting us can look through it. A client, Julie N, yesterday took some time to look at the Simones children’s portrait and rave about them.

The simones presented for four fantastic hours the last day and had many of their large 40×30 art portraits on canvas. They also demonstrated their techniques with a beautiful live model. This the direction we want to take our portraiture.